Climate Conversations with Scotty from Marketing


4.30PM (AEST)
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Last summer, Australia was on fire – the all-too predictable consequence of government inaction on the climate emergency. But what if things were different? What if we had a prime minister who cared? What if First Nations people, custodians of this land for tens of thousands of years, were in power? Inspired by the grand failure of Kevin RuddAustralia 2020 Summit, Climate Conversations with Scotty from Marketing is a playful, irreverent, and utopian forum for imagining an Australia wed rather live in, one in which our leaders dont go on holiday in times of crisis and our politics arent driven by greed, bigotry, and vested interests. At a time when the news seems to be entirely focused on COVID-19, Climate Conversations aims to remind us that the climate emergency will still be here long after the pandemic has receded into memory – unless we can dream something better into reality. 

Ben Brooker is an Adelaide-based writer, editor, critic, bookseller, playwright, and theatre-maker.  His work is informed by the theatre of the absurd, socially conscious performance, relational aesthetics, and speculative fiction.

His work, Below The Line was set to premier at Next Wave 2020.