fine print


fine print magazine return to their online platform to present a special series of film and sound commissions for their first 2020 issue—INTERIORS.This unique collaboration between emerging and mid career Australian artists is the first of its kind to be attempted by an online arts publication in South Australia cementing fine print’s position as a leading voice in emerging arts practice.

INTERIORS is a collective response to the metamorphosis of arts and culture in the face of isolation. Composed by individual filmic or sonic works from emerging and mid-career Australian artists INTERIORS speaks to ideas around inspiration and productivity. A series of 1-2 minute video works see artists creating work whilst in self-isolation highlighting the integrity, resilience and creativity of artists whilst making their private spaces, public. Participating artists include Roy Ananda, Virginia Barratt, Alison Currie, Dominic Elisio, Brian Fuata, Ray Harris, Cynthia Schwertsik, Kate Power, and Inneke Taalman. All incredible artists in their own field this experimental offering is a distinctive and unmatched view into the thinking of contemporary artists around the country.


fine print magazine is an independent online arts magazine focussing on critical and experimental discussion around contemporary art and culture.

Their work, RALLY was set to premier at Next Wave 2020.

Image credit: Gmail – email performance act seven_ a disappearing body ( nearing the end curve )-2