The Power of Parallels + Lament

Daz Chandler

5.30PM (AEST)

The Power of Parallels – a spoken word piece enjoining audiences to travel beyond the current paradigms and politics of today to contemplate alternative pasts and futures.

Lament – a new video work which takes this moment of “pandemic pause” to reflect and recall a past (the impact of which in many ways is being realised in the present) and anticipate a type of future.

This videowork is also available with full audio descriptions and composer’s notes.  Transcripts of the spoken word piece, ‘Power of Parallels’ are also available on request.

SEE MORE > The Parallel Effect – COVID 19 Edition



Daz Chandler is an award-winning interdisciplinary storyteller, creating work traversing words, performance, experiential events, sound, video and new technologies. She has a background in human rights and advocacy building using documentary filmmaking and radio as principal mediums.

Her work, The Parallel Effect was set to premier at Next Wave 2020.